Brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire

I help passionate people with big ideas find the words they need to get got.

I help passionate people with big ideas find the words they need to get got.

So you’ve got a big idea?

A product or service that you know can make some part of everyday life better for people.

But it seems they aren’t getting it quite like you hoped.

The penny hasn’t dropped.

The masses aren’t signing up, swiping right, buying in.

That’s because you haven’t found the words you need to inspire them.


But I know how to make magic with words.

How to bring clarity out of chaos.

How to weave together all the pieces of language into something bigger and greater.

So let me loose on your big idea.

Let me make it understandable and irresistible.

That way it won’t go to waste.

Instead it will get got.

Want the penny drop not a business flop?

Let me help you with

Straight from the horse's mouth*

I recently went to one of Bethany's brand voice workshops and it was absolutely brilliant. Although I've been a copywriter for years I learned so many new techniques, and came away inspired and buzzing. It was such an enjoyable day, I felt as if my mind had gone for a thrill-ride in a theme park!

Mel Henson, head copywriter at content creation business Words That Sell

“How to recommend a wordsmith of Beth's professionalism and calibre? With a haiku-inspired paean of course! 'Beth is ace it's true / Amazing words at her core / Leaves you wanting more!' Quite simply, the best copywriter I know - and much better at haiku than me!

Ben Mumby-Croft, Director of Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Imperial College London

Beth is a wordsmithing mastermind - she took our chaotic brain dump of ideas for a playbook and shone a spotlight on all the best parts. She brought clarity to the structure, captured our voice exactly, and made the whole thing a gripping read. If you’re looking for creative and insightful help with copywriting or tone of voice development (or even if you’re not) you should hire this word whisperer immediately!

Stewart Bewley, founder and director of the presentation-coaching geniuses Amplify

“Beth is fabulous. She is diligent in understanding the needs of the audience, sophisticated in her assessment in the problem, and creatively astute in her writing to get it right first time.

Natasha Hill, Managing Director of the PR masterminds at Bottle PR

Beth understands how to use words better than anyone I've ever met. She's a superb writer, but that's not the half of it. Beth's stand-out skill is her ability to identify the right tone of voice for the right situation and then use that tone of voice accurately, consistently and with the precision of a fresh scalpel. She's a brand engineer, and her tool of choice is language. If you need someone to help you find all the perfect words, get in touch with Beth.

Eamonn Boylan, director at small-but-mighty design studio We Are Herd

Beth did a great job of improving the storytelling and clarity of messages on our website. We have quite a lot of different aspects to our business, so it was great to have her external perspective and expertise help us simplify that and ensure we had more of a user focus. It was great to work with Beth and we've got a lot more planned with her too!

Sarah Jordan, founder of fun and inspiring social enterprise Y.O.U Underwear

I recently worked with Beth on a project to create our brand tone of voice and she was not only a pleasure to work with but her work was awesome! She 'got' us straight away and delivered great content with a quick turnaround. I can 100% recommend her

Susi Brydon, product manager for down-to-earth app developers Agile

Beth is a brilliant copywriter and storyteller. She leaves no word unturned and will have your brand voice singing your tune loud and clear so you can stand out in a crowd. She's also a brilliant speaker with a genuine love for her work. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.

Sonal Dack, head mail magician for awesome email marketeers MailPimps

We loved working with Beth because of her enthusiasm, confidence and great insights! Her brand voice workshop with us was not only eye-opening but enjoyable, and her writing is just spot-on.

Ant Horton, CEO at amazing local youth charity east to west

After only the briefest of briefings, Beth captured exactly the tone and style we were looking for on our new website. We’re delighted with the results and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Henry Thornton, chairman of top-end retirement-property gurus Cognatum Estates

*Just to be clear, this is a figure of speech. My clients aren’t horses. They’re people.

Hear me get quite excited about words in real life

Why your new website is doomed unless you put content first

Swindon – 23 May 2019

Far too many companies care more about what their website looks like than what it says. In this talk for UX Swindon I’ll be arguing that not only should content be the first thing we think about in a web project, but that if we make a start on designing and building a site before we’ve developed all our content then we’re doomed to fail!

WORKSHOP: How to find your brand voice

Bristol – 5 June 2019

Most organisations focus on what they need to communicate about their products and services, but forget to think as carefully about how they share that content – the language and writing style they use. But that can often be the deciding factor for whether people buy into what you’re selling! So if you want your words to have the best chance of winning new business (and continuing to excite existing customers) join me for this workshop on crafting a brilliant brand voice.

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