Brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire

I’m pretty crazy about words.

And one of my favourite places to use them is on stage in front of people I can persuade to feel the same!

So whether it’s about the ins and outs of brand voice, the make-or-break power of language in business and selling, or my positively evangelistic rantings about content creation in digital projects, you’ll often find me speaking at some kind of Meetup, conference, or networking event.

Catch me in real life

How to find your brand voice
Oxford – 5 Dec 2018

Whether it’s on your website, in an email or blog, on a flyer, or in a Tweet, your writing is communicating something about who your company is – and it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. So join me at this Oxfordshire Project meetup in Witney where I’ll be giving you some practical tips on how to make sure the language your business uses is both unique and compelling, inspiring more people to say yes to what you’re offering.

Standing out online with a unique and compelling brand voice
Brighton – 12 April 2019

SEO savvy is great – but we’ve also got to know how to create content that human beings will actually be keen to read and respond to once Google shows them it exists. So come along to my session at BrightonSEO to uncover just how your business can go about crafting a unique brand voice, so more people will be inspired by the personality behind your content and be compelled to buy into what you’re selling.

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