Things You Need To Know About the Ben Affleck Poker Tournament

During the pandemic, the entire world faced a crisis. People were affected health-wise and also financially. Many celebrities have come forward to offer their help to those who need it.

Ben Affleck is a popular movie actor, and he has a great liking for casino games. He had joined hands with the charitable organization Feeding America to organize a poker tournament to raise money for the people in need. The tournament has successfully raised more than $1.75 million. Here are some things you need to know about this event.

The supporters

Actors who supported this event include high-profile celebrities like Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Aaron Paul, Adam Sandler, and others. Along with them, some professional poker players also supported the event, like Doyle Brunson.

About 65 celebrities participated in the competition, and they also promoted the event on social media. Lots of viewers donated funds for this good cause.

Online tournament

During the pandemic, all the casinos were closed. So, the tournament was held online, and it was live-streamed on Twitch. Texas Hold’em poker was chosen for the tournament.

The rule of the game

The tournament was held at the American Cardroom poker site. You can expect casino bonuses UK here. Each player had to start with 1 million virtual chips. The winner Ebony Kenney, a life coach and a poker professional, won the tournament. Kevin Pollack and Andy Milonakis secured the second and third positions. The event was very competitive, and the viewers enjoyed it.

This event has inspired many people, and there might be similar future events to raise money for the needy ones. The hefty amount of money raised from this event has helped families with low income or no jobs to survive during the pandemic.