Write For Us

This is a very popular magazine about celebrities. We have a lot of subscribers. We are looking for writers to join our team to share different thoughts and news about celebrities. If you have written for any entertainment blog or magazine before then, you can apply for this position.

If you are looking for a flexible job, then this is a great opportunity for you. By writing for this magazine, you can establish yourself as a good writer in this niche. This position requires a passion for the entertainment industry. You need to get information about the celebrity’s life and follow their interviews, books, and programs.

You should be up-to-date with the events they attend and the work they do both on-screen and off-screen. We want you to write about celebrity gossip too. But you must ensure that the gossip doesn’t hamper the celebrity’s image negatively. You must remember that our goal is to entertain people, but not by using any unethical approach.

To write for us, you should follow certain guidelines. The articles must be well-researched. You should write within 800 words. The articles should include relevant images so that the readers find the articles more attractive. You should make sure that the articles have a nice heading and that they are written in short sentences.

You shouldn’t repeat any topic or news that has already been covered in the magazine. When writing any news, make sure the news is recent, and the source is authentic. You should submit your articles by email. Our team will review it and give you the necessary feedback.

If necessary, you may have to rewrite some parts of your article to meet our writing standards. If your article is accepted, it will be published in our magazine within a few weeks and remain in the archive later on. For further information about the writing position, you can contact our team.